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View our extensive Catalog of Designs. You can then build it yourself using a precision CNC-cut stitch & glue plywood kit, forms for strip building or have us build it for you. We also are proud to stock paddles and components from Kajak-Sport.

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Now taking commissions for custom builds for delivery in Winter 2018/2019.

About Us

Clear Stream Custom Water Craft is a small New Hampshire company dedicated to building and designing one of a kind wood core composite kayaks, surf skis and canoes. We specialize in Greenland-style kayaks, off-shore competition kayaks and smaller kayaks for women and other paddlers... like kids! We have partnered with the Swedish designer Björn Thomasson to build all of his designs. We partner with you at every step along the way and deliver exactly what you have in mind.

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Wahoo FSK: Update from Mark Nye

Posted By Dan Caouette

Mark Nye (FL) built his Wahoo FSK using our pre-cut forms last year.  He’s been actively racing with it and has been fine tuning his setup.  Here’s his latest report with some interesting upgrades.  Who knew that Smart Track

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New Models: Atka-series S&G Alaskan Iqyax (Baidarkas)

Posted By Dan Caouette

We are proud to present three new models of the “Atka”: our stitch & glue Aleutian-style kayak.   They are often called “baidarkas,” which is Russian for “small boat.” The term was made popular by George Dyson with the release

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Free Plans: Plywood Hatch Recesses

Posted By Dan Caouette

 Thinking of building a kayak and want to use commercial hatches (like Beckson deck plates or Kajak-Sport rubber/plastic lids) but are not sure how to mount them on your curved deck? Now you can make a simple recess out

High performance kayaks, canoes and other small boats. Crafted individually in the USA.