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Our new BTD Black Pearl project is “inspiring.”

Posted By Dan Caouette


Björn Thommason, the designer of the fabulous Black Pearl sea kayak, recently posted a short article on his website promoting my current build. The original is in Swedish. He has yet to post his usual English translation.  The Google Translate version is quite clear (which is actually scary).  Not sure what “Dancing construction methodology” or “Scuba” was supposed to be… (Th 1/5/12: His English version is up… Google was pretty close


On the project I’ve tried some new (?) methods to improve the build quality and speed construction.  I did it mostly for my customer so he could watch his Black Pearl being built.  I hope other home builders have found it useful.  During previous builds I usually post weekly updates to this website.  Due to time constraints I didn’t have the time to do such for this one, so I used my Facebook account.  It has been beyond successful.  I have received at least 10 times the feedback I used to get.  So in the future I plan to use both.

Inspiring Black Pearl-building

January 3, 2012 ( Black Pearl , CSFW , Scuba ), 0 comments

Dan Caouette with CSFW is underway with an exciting new Black Pearl building – this time for a customer in Canada.

Dan Caouette: “Over the weekend I started a new project in the shop. It’s a design called the” Black Pearl “. It’s a world-renown high-performance sea kayak designed by Bjorn Thomasson in Sweden. I built three of Them in 2007 and helped launch the shop. This one is for a customer in Ottawa, Ontario.

The building is well documented with lots of good pictures, as well shows Dancing construction methodology – but above all, a lot of exciting solutions, which might inspire even better kayak-building at home.

There are discussions about the project on Dance Facebook page , but also on the Kayak Building Forum.

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4 thoughts on “Our new BTD Black Pearl project is “inspiring.”

  1. Dancing construction.. = Dan’s construction methods. Scuba=sjösättning =launching
    Can be quite fun with google translate.. 🙂
    Thanks for sharing your pictures and ideas. I’m a couple of building steps behind on my BP. I will sand and form the hull this weekend.
    BR Gunnar

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