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Launching: “Mustang Sally” Wahoo Fast Sea Kayak, Massachusetts

Posted By Dan Caouette

2012 Mustang Sally Wahoo FSK

2012 “Mustang Sally” Wahoo Fast Sea Kayak

Built for LISA in Massachusetts. The Whoo was designed by John Winters, a world renown canoe and kayak designer as a open water competition sea kayak targeted for smaller paddlers. It is 18′ long x 20″ wide.

It has a white cedar core with a competition fiberglass layup. The exterior is painted in Ford Race Red and Ebony with a bright interior. Outfitted with Stellar Kayaks footbraces and rudder with a carbon fiber Nelo Ultra Low III C K1 race seat. Weight: 35 pounds.

Built exclusively with Entropy Resin Super Sap CLR bio-based epoxy.

This is the first kayak to be built under the new company: Clear Stream Custom Water Craft. In time I’ll have a dedicated pages for the design and this build in the new portfolio. Until then check out construction and completion pictures on my Facebook pages:

Construction Pictures

Completion Pictures

All future kayak and canoe builds will be shown on the new site.  You’ll also be able to buy the wood or carbon fiber kayak and canoe components though that site as well.

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3 thoughts on “Launching: “Mustang Sally” Wahoo Fast Sea Kayak, Massachusetts

  1. She is beautiful, and 35 pounds is certainly trim, and I would like to talk to someone who has had the pleasure of paddling her.

  2. Do you make a Mustang Sammy? I know a fellow with an Epic and he is over 6′ and over 200 pounds. I think he needs one of your pieces of art/speed

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