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2013 Essex River Race – Results

Posted By Dan Caouette

2013 Essex River Race
“Azure” Njord and “Mustang Sally” hanging out after a tough race

Both Jonathon Rose and Lisa Huntington competed (again) in this weekend’s Essex River Race in Essex, MA.  From reports it was quite windy this year and times suffered.  Lisa picked up first for in her class in the “Mustang Sally” Wahoo (CSCWC Spring 2012).  Jon was a very respectable 4th in his “Azure” Njord (CSFW Spring 2008).  Ok, you got me.  Lisa was the only female in the woman’s FSK class.  Letter and picture from Lisa:

Hi, Dan,

Essex River Race results are attached.  I edited one, removing the rowers and sorting by place overall.  It was a tough field, and a big one (155 boats, paddlers and rowers combined).

I had a great race, Miss Sally moving smooth as silk all the way, very responsive and a joy to paddle, despite a steady 13 kt. or so headwind on the way home.  I would have been 3rd out of 7 FSK if I were male.  Jon placed 4th with his Njord – yes!

I’m attaching a picture of the Azure and the ‘Stanger hangin’ out after the race.

What builder doesn’t like hearing back from their customers?  Congratulations again to both Jon and Lisa!!


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