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Two Clear Stream kayaks in this year’s “Run of the Charles!”

Posted By Dan Caouette

Lisa and "Mustang Sally" Wahoo (2012) / Jon and the "Azure" Njord (2008)
Lisa and “Mustang Sally” Wahoo (2012) / Jon and the “Azure” Njord (2008) at the 31st Run of the Charles

At this year’s 31st “Run of the Charles Kayak and Canoe Race” there were two Clear Stream kayaks!  From the CRWA webpage:

The Run of the Charles Canoe & Kayak Race, the signature event of the Charles River Watershed Association, is the largest flat bottom boat race in New England and is a major event in Greater Boston, kicking off the canoe and kayak season. The Run of the Charles draws an average of 1,400 racers and thousands of spectators each year.

Lisa Huntington raced in her “Mustang Sally” Wahoo FSK, built in the spring of 2012.  Jonathan Rose competed with his “Azure” BTD Njord that was built during the spring of 2008 (under CSFW).  Both competed in the 6 mile race.  Lisa finished first in her division (WOMEN CATEGORY, TOURING K-1 CLASS) and came in 14th overall.  Jon finished first in his class as well (VETERAN CATEGORY, SEA KAYAK K-1 CLASS). 25th overall.

Here are reports from both:

From Jon:

I saw Lisa today at Run of the Charles. She really smoked the 6 mile course in her Wahoo, beat me in the Njord by almost 9 minutes which is A LOT. Just shows how good she if getting because my time was the same as it was in 2009, the last time I did the race in the Njord.

We had a good time showing off your two builds today.

… and Lisa:

Hi, Dan,

Sally did her first Run of the Charles the weekend before last, and it went very well.  It was a personal best in speed (mph) in a race for me, so I’m happy about that – I think it’s all down to the boat.  Got many compliments on my “beautiful boat” (!)  I met Jonathan Rose there with his Azure, so there were two Clear Stream boats on the river that day.  Pictures from the first bridge (from Leslie Chappell’s marvelous album) are attached.

A huge to congratulations to both of them!!

Here are a few pictures that Lisa sent.

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