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Major website update

Posted By Dan Caouette

Sorry I’ve been neglecting the website.

It’s been a while since the website saw some attention.   Facebook has been making it too easy to post and share pictures that I forget about the site. Not everyone uses or trusts FB.

That’s going to change with the next project.  This will revert to being my main portal.  Posts will generally come through here first.  Facebook will then relay the link.  I will post some pictures directly just because it is so quick and easy.

I took some time and brought the webpage (mostly) up to date.

First I added a page in the gallery for each of the latest hardshell projects. Each one has a full project summary and pictures.

2013 "Areia" Black Pearl

I built the 2013 “Areia” Black Pearl-M for myself as a 5-piece sectional last summer.

Most Black Pearls are designed to fit the individual paddler.  This one was designed from the start for plywood construction and made from one of five stock sizes.  This was the MEDIUM size for paddlers 140 to 200 lbs (65 – 90 kg).  With these stock sizes and plywood construction, I’m planning to offer building classes and kits (both non-sectional).  Stay tuned.

Making the BP sectional was a nice experiment.  It allows storage in apartments and travel inside of vehicles (like airplanes). Most designs can be adapted for a modest fee.

2013 Wahoo FSK - FL

The Wahoo FSK was built this winter for Wil in Florida.  It’s ultra light, weighing only 29.5 lbs (13.4 kg) fully outfitted.  For something new, a race rudder made by the reknown paddler Ted Van Dusen of Composite Engineering was installed on the stern.


I also added a new SOF design: our Andro 14 sea kayak.  It’s designed for a wide variety of paddlers and conditions. It’s great on ponds, rivers and sheltered bays.  I’ll add a gallery page for the prototype I donated to our local ski club soon.

What do you think of this change away from Facebook?

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