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Shrike series added to Catalog of Designs

Posted By Dan Caouette

Recently Christopher and Nick Crowhurst recently launched a new endeavor called CNC Kayaks.  The goal was an inexpensive and easy to build plywood kayak.  The result was the Shrike.  It’s based on a historical specimen from the Disco Bay area of West Greenland.  They are offering digital copies and construction manual for free.  Full scale prints are being offered for the cost of printing and shipping.


According to Chris, “My father and I had been working on a concept of an adaptable stitch and glue kayak design that would allow people to build a great sea kayak with limited funds and experience. Adaptability was key as we know that people come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, as well, perhaps more importantly, they come with all sorts of differing opinions as to what makes a great kayak for them. We believe that the Inuit know a thing or two about what makes a great kayak.”  The result was the Shrike.

Chris is “passionate about all things Greenland kayak related, including building them. Founder of Qajaq Rolls a philanthropic venture promoting Greenland style rolling. A contributor to many paddling magazines, and a mentor at many paddling events. Author and Videographer producing Rolling with Sticks an innovative guide to Greenland Rolling.”

Nick is the “father of Christopher.  The instigator of this project and brains behind the original design and build approaches. An enthusiastic paddler and builder of kayaks and sailing boats for over 50 years with a passion for sharing his knowledge. A published author of a Paddling Guide to the Hidden Coast of Florida .”

Shrike Too

To spread the word about their endeavor I have added the Shrike to my Catalog of Designs.  There are two versions.  The original Shrike has a keyhole cockpit and a higher fore deck.  The Shrike Too is closer to the original Disco Bay and has an ocean cockpit and a lower fore deck.  The Shrike Too is shown on the Catalog of Designs.  I will gladly build the design if anyone is interested.

It’s very noble gesture of Chris and Nick to release this elegant kayak design for free.


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