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Spray HPK: Launching!

Posted By Dan Caouette

Zack and his new Spray HPK!
Zack and his new Spray HPK!

It took a while but Zack finally received his Sprak HPK.  Last week he sent a some pictures and first paddling impressions of his new Spray!

I was able to paddle the boat for the first time a little Thursday evening. I was able to do a 5.1 mph avg up stream (only 2 miles) and 6.6 mph avg down stream. I should of done better both ways but was tired from a weekend + of hard bike rides. The boat sprinted up to 8.2 mph going cross stream. I will hopefully have more numbers as I get more time in the boat. It handles well and is very stable even leaned over. While leaning over it doesn’t want to tip further than leaned or force its self back flat. I was able to paddle then coast and lean far enough to bring water into the bucket… Pretty impressive for me and not having knee pads. I hope to get to try and roll the boat soon.

If you need more specific details or pictures let me know and I’ll share any info/feedback that I have.

I wonder how the boat would of felt at 18 in wide and of the hull was a little flatter with less rocker. But I assume as it is now will do great in ocean conditions but would be a little faster on flat water with a flatter hull… Kinda wish I was more advanced and versed in ocean travel to give better feed back.

The rear two hatches have great storage room. I did a small over night this past weekend. I have not used the front yet. The cockpit worked out great for leg drive.

[singlepic id=691 w=600 h=400 float=center]

Enjoy your new kayak Zack!

More information on the project can be found on it’s Gallery page.

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