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On-Line Store: CNC Kayak “Shrike-R” Kits Now Available!!

Posted By Dan Caouette

After a busy 2014 (updates to follow) we are proud to announce that we have opened our on-line store!  In the store you will be able to purchase plans for kayaks and canoes, order custom boats, buy components AND (very excited about this)… order stitch & glue plywood kits!!

The first kit that will are offering is CNC Kayak’s “Shrike-R.”

CNC Kayaks Shrike-R
CNC Kayaks Shrike-R (built by Christopher Crowhurst)

The Design

The Shrikes are beautiful stitch and glue kayak designs designed by Christopher Crowhurst and his father, Nick.  They are based upon traditional Greenland qajaqs.   The “R” model is their specialized “Roller” or “Rotator” design.  It has a lower deck and wider cockpit for easier rolling.  Full details can be found on the CNC Kayaks website.

Shrike-R: Plywood Kit Components
Shrike-R: Plywood Kit Components

The Kit

We are now offering a kit that consists of the plywood parts only.  It lists for $600 USD.

CLC small-logoThey are being custom cut for us by the one of the world’s largest makers of kits for small boats: Chesapeake Light Craft (CLCboats.com) in Maryland.  The hull and deck panels, bulkheads and cockpit coaming parts are cut from 3mm marine-grade okoume plywood. The kit also includes all the temporary forms and molds. The kit does not include the solid wood required for the sheer clamps and deck beams nor any epoxy, fiberglass or materials for finish and outfitting.

To create a kit that would be easier to assemble we made a couple of modifications to the kit from the CNC Kayak plans.

Puzzle Joint
Puzzle Joint

The most obvious is the inclusion of puzzle joints for scarfing the long panels.  As it is very tough to cut your own puzzle joints, home builders scarf the long panels using either fiberglassed butt joints or tapered scarfs.  The puzzle joint is much quicker to assemble while creating a strong and accurate joint.

We also modified the construction of the deck panels and cockpit while keeping the adjustable nature of the design.  The original design has deck panels that meet at straight joint at the masik.  The masik is the traditional deck beam forward of the cockpit for bracing your knees found on Greenland qajaqa.  The masik defines the shape of the foredeck.

Shrike-R: Deck Panels
Shrike-R: Deck Panels

One raises or lowers the masik to increase or decrease the deck height.  The aft deck then meets at the deck and undergoes some hard contortions to meet the foredeck.  The deck is now a stitch & glue design which eliminates those contortions.  The aft deck now swoops up gracefully to the masik with the foredeck blending into it.

We kept the masik for strength and tradition.  You can increase or decrease the masik as needed to raise or lower the deck height.  The deck panels are then trimmed slightly to adjust to the new shape.

Shrike - Cockpit Coaming Components
Shrike – Cockpit Coaming Components

Switching to this deck design also allowed the inclusion of a coaming constructed from stacked plywood.   It greatly eases construction.  All one has to do is glue the rings together with thickened epoxy, sand them flush and then bond the assembly to the deck.

A side benefit is the kit reduces waste as less plywood is used.


CLC is also handling the shipping.  They ship thousands of kits each year and have the process down to a science.  Full information can be found on their web site.  The plywood components are well packed in a cardboard container about the size of an 8′ door and shipped via truck by AIT direct to your door.

CLC Kit Packaging
CLC Kit Packaging

Shipping starts at $140.00 for most addresses in the continental United States.  There may be a $30 surcharge for locations that are not close to one their hubs.  You can test your address here.   The extra $30 is included in our on-line shipping section.  The exact shipping charge will be quoted to you before the kit ships.  Any extra money will be refunded.

They do ship kits internationally.  Those orders will be handled individually.

Now some background…

Our partnership with CNC Kayaks started last Fall after a customer from Florida commissioned me to  build him a custom “Shrike-R.”  My customer had some questions concerning the design and first contacted  Christopher.  Later I informed him I was looking into computer cutting (also called CNC) the hull and deck panels as it would increase accuracy and save time for the project.  John Harris at CLC was very interested in the project.  They custom cut plywood components on a daily basis.  I sent him the CAD files and ordered the kit prototype.

Some time later Christopher approached me if I would interested in creating kits for the “R” model as dedicated rolling design would be unique in the S&G market.

The rest is history…



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