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Wahoo FSK – Mark Nye, Florida

Posted By Dan Caouette

Mark recently launched his Wahoo FSK and completed his first race in it!!

Hello Dan,

Just a quick note to let you know that the boat is done. I’ve only had it on the water twice so no in-depth performance review, but so far I like what I see. Stability is better than I expected but I have not really been able to paddle the boat fast yet because I have been working on comfort/seat/footrest positioning. I think (hope) that I have that settled because I have a ten-mile race tomorrow. The boat ended up looking great but it is a bit on the heavy side. It is really no matter to me since I will be using it primarily for workouts in pretty rugged areas.

Two items of feedback that may help you in the future. First, the Stellar ST21 footbrace had to be cut down to make it fit. Overall, the height is fine but the steering pedals angle outboard a bit and hit the deck. I ended up cutting about an inch off each side and redrilling two of the steering line holes. Now it fits and works great. Picts attached. The Stellar ST21 seat is beautiful, but it would have taken considerable modification to make it fit. The size and shape of the sides of the seat just don’t match well with the Wahoo. I decided to keep it and will use it in my next build (more about that later). Seat Pictures attached.

In a day or two after the race, I will post on both the forum and FB pages. I also have a bunch of pictures at the link below. Feel free to use any of the pictures.

Thanks for all your help!

Mark C Nye


From the “Kayak Building” group on Facebook:

This week I launched my Wahoo FSK. The hull and deck are WRC with Alaskan White Cedar and Peruvian Walnut. The combing and bulkheads are Sapele plywood. The boat was stretched 6″ to give it another 12# displacement (212# total). I installed a Stellar footbrace and Smart Track racing rudder. I am currently using a foam seat but I have a Nelo K-1 seat on order. The boat is fast and more stable than I expected. Yesterday was my third outing and first race. It was a nine mile course up and back on a technical (winding) river with strong current, which I covered in 1:36. A special thanks to Dan Caouette of Clear Stream Custom Water Craft who provided the plans, precut forms and excellent technical support.

Notes from his build:

When I started this project, I was looking for a strip built workout boat suitable for rugged conditions and recreational racing. Finding the right design is a little bit of a challenge for me (157#) because I am pretty light for most (male) kayaks but a bit heavy for smaller boats designed for women. In the end I decided on the Wahoo, but stretched it 6” to increase the displacement from 200# to 212#

I started the boat on 8/26/2015 and launched on 12/2/2015. I bought the plans and forms from Dan Caouette at Clear Stream Custom Water Craft and the strongback kit from CLC. This design specifies 3/16” strips for the hull and 1/8” for the deck, but I could not find either premade, so I decided to use 1/4″. The thicker strips are readily available with bead/cove (CLC), and would result in a more robust boat which would be more suited for my rough usage.

The hull and deck were stripped with Western Red Cedar, Alaskan White Cedar and Peruvian Walnut. The bulkheads and cockpit combing were made with Sapele plywood. The lay-up schedule was 4oz fiberglass with MAS epoxy. Bow/stern rubstrips were made with dynel cloth covered with graphite/epoxy slurry. I installed two flush hatches using the CLC “flush hatch kit.” The kayak weighed #38 prior to varnish and rigging.

My Wahoo+6 is rigged with a Stellar ST21 footbrace with toe steering and Smart Track race rudder. About 1” of the upper/outboard corners of the footbrace had to be removed in order for it to fit under the curvature of the deck. I initially planned to use the Stellar ST21 seat but found that it would require significant modification to make it fit. I am currently using a happy bottom seat with foam back cushion but have a Nelo seat on order. Both will be installed with Velcro so that they are interchangeable depending upon paddling conditions and distance.

To purchase the plans, buy forms and get more information on the Wahoo FSK go it’s product page.

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  1. That’s absolutely gorgeous, Mark! What a beauty! You’re gonna love her in really rough water too (if you haven’t already tried). I hope she gives you long and lasting enjoyment and may you win all your races! -Lisa

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