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Clear Stream Custom Water Craft is situated in the Great North Woods of NH, in the town of Milan. We are a small part-time studio dedicated to one of a kind, high performance, wood strip kayaks, canoes and other small boats. We can provide wood or carbon fiber components for home builders and also perform repairs.  In the future we hope to start kayak-building classes.

From 2004 to 2011 we ran one company called “Clear Stream Fine Woodworking.”  Under CSFW in addition to kayaks and canoe, we also built fine furniture, guitars, cabinets and other wood products.  By the winter of 2011/2012 most of our commissions were for custom kayaks and canoes, usually painted with little exposed wood. The decision was made to create this new sister company that better reflected the nature of the company, custom kayaks, canoes and other watercraft.  We keep the other company name active for traditional woodworking projects.

We are named after the Clear Stream which is a tributary of the Androscoggin River. It originates in Dixville Notch and flows east, through the family property in Millsfield, to Errol. The water is cold and clear, filled with brook and rainbow trout, hence our logo.

We are dedicated to the natural environment. If you have time, read our environmental statement.  In summary, it is our intent for all the wood used to be native from North America, from local sources if possible. No lumber from virgin old-growth forests are exploited. Softwoods such as white pine and northern white cedar are used. Hardwoods in stock include ash, oak, maple, black cherry and black walnut. All tropical hardwoods, such as Honduras mahogany and Spanish cedar, come from certified plantations. No rain forest woods are utilized. Every project includes at least one piece of wood harvested from the family property.

Our shop is open by appointment only. Please contact us for details.

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High performance kayaks, canoes and other small boats. Crafted individually in the USA.