2012 Wahoo FSK – NH

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2012 Wahoo KSF - Approval Drawing
2012 Wahoo KSF – Approval Drawing


Wahoo FSK (Fast Sea Kayak) built during the Winter of 2012/2013 for Tim in New Hampshire. It has a western red and northern white cedar core with a Performance fiberglass layup. The hull exterior is finished with a low-drag black silicone-epoxy paint with a bright deck exterior and interior. Nelo seat and steering components.  Built exclusively with Entropy Resin Super Sap CLR bio-based epoxy. Seen plying the waters of southern NH and at races in New England.

JDW decalThe Wahoo (aka LComp) was designed by John Winters, a world renown canoe and kayak designer as a open water competition sea kayak targeted for smaller paddlers. It is 18′ long x 20″ wide. The design is owned by Lisa Huntington and Jim Budi.

– Deck finished is Super Sap CLR epoxy
Performance fiberglass lay up: Dual layers of 3.2oz tight weave S-glass.
– No hatches, bulkheads or decklines.
– Coaming: Solid carbon fiber (twill weave), 33″ x 16″ (76 x 40.6 cm) competition size.
– Seat: Nelo carbon fiber Ultra Low IIIC K1 with sliding base
– Steering: Nelo K1 foot brace, tiller and stern-mounted rudder


Design = John Winters “Wahoo”
Length (Overall) = 18′-0” (549.0 cm)
Beam (Overall) = 20.1″ (80.5 cm)
Displacement = 200 lbs (90.9 kg)
Prismatic Coef = 0.59
Finished Weight = 31.0 lb (14.1 kg)
Bare Weight = 28.0 lb (12.7 kg)

Completion Photos:

Construction Photos:

See all the pictures taken during the build on our Facebook Page! Don’t worry, you don’t need a FB account to view the pictures. Here’s a sample.

Stripping the deck.
Stripping the deck.

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