2013 “Areia” Black Pearl – Sectional (NYC)

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“Areia” Black Pearl-M (5-Piece Sectional)


BTD Black Pearl built summer of 2013.  “Areia” was the Spartan name for Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of love, beauty, and pleasure. One of her symbols was the metal copper.  This “Areia” is a BTD Black Pearl. It’s stitch & glue okoume plywood version of the strip-built design. This one is the Medium size (18′-9″ x 19″) with an ocean cockpit. It’s a five-piece sectional with kustom “House of Kolor” copper pearl paint and clear coat. Finished weight is 35 lbs (15.9 kg).  This was one of my personal kayaks and is now in New York City.

With the sale of my old Guillemot I need to build a new kayak for myself. I don’t have enough time to properly build my strip Qanik so I’ve decided to build a plywood Black Pearl. I’ll use it this summer and fall. The templates will then be used to cut panels for future stitch & glue kits and in classes. Do I mention this Black Pearl will be a 5-piece sectional? It’s painted in House of Kolor copper pearl automotive urethane with clear coats.

I was also told that it means “sand” in Portuguese. Still appropriate!

The Black Pearl is a long, low and narrow kayak of East Greenland ancestry – extremely easily handled, instantly reacting to shift of weight, leaning etc, and with enough secondary stability to support leaned turns, balance brace and such. It is very easily rolled. Designed by Björn Thomasson Design, Lund, Sweden.

– Painted with House of Kolor custom auto paint in metallic copper pearl with polyurethane clear coats.
Stitch & Glue Construction: Okoume plywood (3mm and 4mm)
– Modified Performance fiberglass lay up.
– 5 Piece Sectional using stainless steel hardware.
– Hatches are 6″ and 8″ Beckson screw-out deck plates with carbon fiber recesses and internal tethers.
– Coaming: Solid carbon fiber (twill weave), ocean size.
– Outfitting: Fiberglass tube fittings with 3/16″ polyester cord. Carbon fiber sliders.
– Completion: August 2013
– Now in New York City


Design = Bjorn Thomasson Design “Black Pearl – M”
Length (Overall) = 18′-9.2” (572.0 cm)
Beam (Overall) = 19.29” (49 cm)
Fore Deck Height = 9.1” (230 mm)
Aft Deck Height = 5.2” (130 mm)
Finished Weight = 35.0 lb (15.9 kg)

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2013 “Areia” Black Pearl M (NYC) – Construction

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