2014 “Abbie B” Matinicus Rock 175, Judy (NH)

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2014 “Abbie B” Matinicus Rock 175 (NH)


“Abbie B” Matinicus Rock 175 built spring/summer of 2014.

Expedition sea kayak for Judy A Owen (NH).  Based on Kenneth Taylor’s skin-on-frame built in Igdlorssuit, Greenland. The design is named after the small, remote island that stands guard in the Gulf of Maine.   It was constructed with a stitch & glue hull and skin-on-frame deck. Full bulkheads and hatches.

“Abbie B” was built for a three-week solo expedition along the rugged Maine coast in the Fall of 2014.  The kayak was christened after the brave daughter of the lighthouse attendant who kept the lights on for weeks while her family was absent in the mid-1800’s.  You can follow her adventure with “Abbie B” on her blog.

Abbie B never hesitated nor failed in her performance.  It appears that Pilot Error is the only way she will roll or get plowed under.  This pilot did pretty well, even on that fateful day where my judgment went awry.  Those 18 -25 knot winds around E and W Cundy’s Point were tougher on me than Abbie B.  The seas were crazy (as you can imagine).  I was put through the toughest paddling challenge of my life, placing Abbie B in jeopardy as well.  She was great but luck regarding my skill is why we’re home today.  : D

Project Particulars
– Hybrid construction: Stitch & Glue hull with a Skin-On-Frame deck
– Hull: 4mm okoume laminated with Kevlar, painted with Interlux VC Performance Epoxy bottom paint
– Deck: 9mm okoume frames, cedar stringers, covered in Dacron/fiberglass
– Hatches:  SeaLect Performance Rubber and Plastic
– Day Hatch: 6″ SeaLect Quarter-Turn deck plate
– Coaming:  Laminate okoume plywood
– Outfitting: 1/4″ bungee and 3/16″ polyester cord, fittings are 1″ webbing screwed to gunwales
– Completion: August 2014


Design = Matinicus Rock 175
Length (Overall) = 17.5 ft (533.4 cm)
Beam (Overall) = 21.o in (533.3 cm)
Prismatic Coefficient = 0.473
Finished Weight = 39 lbs (17,7 kg)

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Completion Photos:

Construction Photos:

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2014 “Abbie B” Matinicus Rock 175 (NH)
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