2014 Shrike-R, Andy (FL)

Posted By Dan Caouette

2014 Shrike R (FL)


CNC Kayaks “Shrike-R” for Andy in Florida

The Shrike-R is a narrow, low-volume, high-performance, lightweight sea kayak designed for rolling training and competition.  It was designed by Christopher and Nick Crowhurst and detailed on their website, here.

Stitch and glue construction 3mm okoume through-out. Full bulkheads with access plates and a wooden cover day hatch. Clear coated with DuPont urethane. Finished weight: 26 lbs (11.8 kg). Shipped February 2015.

Project Particulars
– Clear coated with DuPont urethane
Stitch & Glue, Performance Construction: 3mm okoume plywood and tightweave glass.
– Hatches:  6″ Beckson deck plate skinned in plywood. 4″ access plate on forward bulkhead
– Coaming: Laminated okoume plywood, painted black
– Outfitting: Fiberglass tube fittings with 3/16″ polyester cord.  1/4″ bungee cord elsewhere.
– Completion: February 2015


Design = CNC Kayaks “Shrike-R”
Length (Overall) = 16.33 ft (521,0 cm)
Beam (Overall) =  20.5 in (55,2 cm)
Fore Deck Height = 8.1 in (20,6 cm)
Aft Deck Height = 6.5 in (16,9 cm)
Finished Weight = 26 lbs (11,8 kg)

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Shrike-R: Assembled Hull
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