2015 Black Pearl-Jr, Danielle (NH)

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BTD Black Pearl – JR built spring of 2015

The “Red Bird” stitch and glue plywood Black Pearl-J  was built  for our seven years old daughter. 6″ and 8″ Beckson hatches and finished in red Interlux Brightsides. Weight: 15 lb (6.8 kg).

The popular “Black Pearl” designed by Björn Thomasson is finally available in stitch & glue construction for home builders.  Of the six standard sizes, this is the JR (junior) size for kids between ages 6 and 12, weighing 65 – 110 lb (30-50 kg).  It is our smallest Black Pearl.  Ain’t it cute?!  It’s short, yet wide giving extra stability for our younger paddlers.

While the BP-Jr is the baby of the S&G Black Pearl family, it’s built the same as it’s big brothers and sisters. It’s built close to the manual that is supplied with the plans and kits.

Project Particulars
Stitch & Glue, Standard Construction: Painted with Interlux Brightsides urthane
– Hatches:  Flush wood lids held with internal bungees using carbon fiber support lips and hardware.  Internal tethers and pull tabs.
– Day Hatch: 6″ and 8″ Beckson deck plates
– Coaming: Laminated plywood, painted black
– Outfitting:  1/4″ bungee cord
– Completion: June 2015


Design = BTD “Black Pearl – JR”
Length (Overall) = 11.52 ft (351.0 cm)
Beam (Overall) = 19.7 in (50.0 cm)
Draft = 4.33 in (11.0 cm)
Wetted Surface Area = 12.67 sf (1.18 m2)
Prismatic Coefficient = 0.55
Finished Weight = 15.0 lb (6,8 kg)

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Completion Photos:

Construction Photos:

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