Boat Repairs & Restoration

Posted By Dan Caouette

For Wooden and Fiberglass Canoes, Kayaks, Dinghies, Sailboats, Etc.

1938 Peterborough PAL

We also repair and restore wooden and fiberglass boats. We can do simple re-railing of canoes to the full restoration of a 1938 Peterborough PAL sailing dinghy. We perform either authentic or functional restorations.

We can also res-kin your traditionally built or fuselage-style skin-on-frame kayak.

An authentic restoration will try and bring the boat back to it’s original state using period materials, construction techniques and hardware.

A functional restoration make the boat usable and will modernize the boat using today’s materials and hardware.

With our experience crafting carbon fiber and Kevlar components for kayak, we also repair composite items.  In the summer of 2010 we repaired a Nelo Waterman K2 with a carbon fiber and Nomex honeycomb core.  It hit a submerged log at race speed.

For a price quote on your project just contact us.

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