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General Information

Custom, hand-made, cedar strip canoes for any application.

Until the mid-1800s the canoe was an important means of transport for exploration and trade, but then transitioned to recreational or sporting use. Canoeing has been part of the Olympics since 1936. In countries where the canoe played a key role in history, such as Canada and New Zealand, the canoe remains an important theme in popular culture.

Custom, hand-made, cedar strip canoes for virtually any application. We can build virtually any canoe you can envision, from solo fishing to expedition. There is general build style:

Catalog of Designs

Canoe - DesignsWe have designed a few kayaks ourselves but most come from respected designers. We now have a formal agreement with the Swedish designer Björn Thomasson (Sweden) to build all of his designs. More information on all the designs we sell.

Clearcoated (Bright)


Basic information on the features and construction of a bright, clear finished wooden canoe with basic or artistic stripping.

Price List

These are starting prices for each style of construction and include items listed as “Standard.” Different construction layups, options and custom work will change the prices. All prices is USD.

13 foot Solo – Clearcoated (Bright)


16 ft Double – Clearcoated (Bright)


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