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The use of wood allows kayaks, surf skis and canoes of virtually any shape to be built. Each one  is designed using sophisticated CADD programs specifically written for small boat naval architecture.  We have designed a few kayaks ourselves but most come from respected designers, such as Björn Thomasson (Sweden). We’ve broken the designs up by usage.

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Plans & Kits

Every design can be professional built by us.  For home builders plans, forms for strip, S&G kits, paddles and components such as hatches, skegs and rudders are also available.  Click on each kayak or canoe for more information, pictures, data and to order plans, kits or even complete boats from our on-line shop.

Sea Kayaks

Kayaks for recreation and touring.

Greenland-Style Kayaks

These kayaks are designed along traditional Greenland style lines.  All have hard chines and low decks.  These classical lines have been developed over centuries of hunting.  They are very maneuverable and suited for rough water and rolling. The Black Pearl and Hunter are modeled on East Greenland specimens.  The Alleqs and Shrikes are typical of West Greenland.

Design Shrike-R
Shrike Keyhole
Alleq 52 & 55


Racing Kayaks

These kayaks have been optimized for high-tempo racing, training and high-speed light touring.   They are long and narrow with strong tracking and moderate stability.  Wetted and wave-making friction has been cut to the minimum.  They are very high performance designs.

Wahoo FSK
Sea Racer / Havsracer

Surf Skis

A surf ski is a long, narrow, lightweight kayak with an open (sit-on-top) cockpit, usually with a foot pedal controlled rudder.  They were developed to run off the wind on large swells reaching very high speeds and to surf the wave fronts.  Until recently they were only seen at elite open water races in Hawaii, South Africa, California and Australia. They have since become more mainstream as paddlers enjoy the open cockpits and paddling experience.



Traditional strip-built open-deck canoes for solo and double paddlers.


We also build boats designed by others. Below are a few of our preferred designers.

logoWe have a formal agreement with the Swedish designer Björn Thomasson (Sweden) to build all of his designs.  He has been designing boats of all sizes since the mid-1970′s and has become one of the most respected names in the industry.  He also designs kayaks for the commercial companies Seabird Designs (Norway) and Nordic Kayaks (Sweden).  I’ve included a few of his designs in the catalog.  We have also teamed up to produce the stitch & glue Black Pearls, Alleqs and Frej SG.  More of his designs can be found on his website.

– Nick Schade (Guillemot Kayaks), Connecticut, USA
– Jay Babina (Outer-Island Kayak), Connecticut, USA

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