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"Nereida" Njord, Barcelona, Spain
“Nereida” Njord, Barcelona, Spain


Every kayak built is designed to be rugged yet light weight and beautiful. The addition of two fiberglass skins to a wooden core create a structure similar to an I-beam. The wood provides light weight, stiffness and beauty, while the fiberglass absorbs virtually all of the loading.

Primary woods used are usually western red and northern white cedar. Curly maple, white pine, ash, black cherry and black walnut are used for accents and inlays. We can also build the kayak exclusively out of hardwoods like Honduran mahogany or African sapele.  The exterior can also be skinned in carbon fiber, Kevlar or a hybrid of the two (depending on the layup).

The epoxy and fiberglass matrix encapsulates the wood preventing any rotting and also enhance the beauty of the wood by adding depth. The epoxy looks like 10 coats of a deep rich varnish. Four coats of a tough, easy to maintain, crystal-clear automotive urethane are then applied to the exterior.  As an option we can also finish it with traditional, spar varnishes. The interior is finished with Super Sap CLR bio-derived epoxy package featuring excellent UV blockers.


An average 18 ft (5.5m) long kayak will weigh as little as 28 pounds (12.7kg) with a Performance layup to as much as 40 pounds (18.1 kg), with an Expedition Kevlar layup. Even an expedition boat is much lighter and stiffer than a comparable all fiberglass or plastic kayak. These boats are designed and built to be used in virtually any lake, river or the ocean.

Standard Features

– 3/16″ solid wood core of northern white and/or western red cedar using our stapleless construction method.  Staples used for Performance Carbon and Expedition Kevlar layups.
– Simple stripping pattern
– Solid hardwood stems
– Recessed hardwood coaming and rescue toggles
– Recessed fiberglass tube or turned wood deck fittings
– Full wooden bulkheads
– Flush wooden hatches held by internal bungee cords


2010 Neytiri Night Heron - ConstructionBuilding only custom boats allows us to build YOUR boat for the way YOU paddle. Every boat is fully outfitted to the customer’s tastes and preferences. We take pride in the fact we offer a large variety of options. Out list of options, including custom wood and shell inlays, is unparalleled.  See our Options page for a small sampling.  If you can dream it we can probably make it real.

Each boat is built of several hundred individually hand fitted hand pieces of wood. It generally takes 8-12 weeks to built a boat.






Performance Carbon




Expedition Kevlar



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