Posted By Dan Caouette

538177_309911852427345_2057327416_nWe sell kayaks, canoes and other small boats that are created by individuals (usually one individual), not factory assembly lines. Many technical woodworking tasks are performed by machine, but some jobs are still best completed by hand.

How long does a kayak or canoe take to build?  For build times, a wood strip kayak takes between 100 to 200 man-hours over the course of 8 to 16 weeks.  A typical 18′ sea kayak with a painted finish, hatches and simple outfitting is about 100 hours.  Figure between 75 to 100 hours for a canoe.  Various options take longer than others.

We design and craft every piece down to the last detail. When you buy something from Clear Stream Custom Water Craft, you will be able to say that you know the name of the person who made it.

High performance kayaks, canoes and other small boats. Crafted individually in the USA.