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Shrike Too


The CNC Kayaks “Shrike” is designed by Christopher and Nick Crowhurst and detailed on their website, here.   Traditional West Greenland lines, the result of centuries of development, produce a hull that is maneuverable, and suited to rough water. The Greenland hull is here combined with the best of modern sea kayak construction developments, e.g. bulkheads, hatches, skeg, and a keyhole cockpit. Recommended for paddlers between 140 – 190 lbs (63 – 85 kg).  It is offered as a pre-cut plywood kit for home builders.  It can also be custom built by CSCWC.

Hull and deck panels are professionally cut and shipped by Chesapeake Light Craft from 3mm BS 1088 okoume marine plywood, and the forms from particleboard or MDF.

The kit includes only the plywood components; solid wood (for the sheer clamp, masik and other deck beams), epoxy, fiberglass, hardware, footbraces, and so on are not included.  It is packed in CLC”s standard kayak shipping carton.

A custom Shrike can either be painted or clear coated. See the Stitch & Glue page for more information.

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The CNC Kayaks “Shrike-Too,” designed by Christopher and Nick Crowhurst and detailed on their website, here.   This is a good sea kayak for Greenland rolling training and weekend tripping.   It has the same high-performance hull as the Shrike (keyhole cockpit) but with an ocean cockpit.  Plywood parts for the adjustable skeg are included.  Recommended for paddlers between 140 – 190 lbs (63 – 85 kg).

It is offered either as a pre-cut plywood kit for home builders or can be custom built by CSCWC.


Design Shrike-Too
Designer CNC Kayaks
Length 17.40 ft 530.4 cm
Beam 21.5 in 54.6 cm
Paddler Weight 140 – 190 lb 63 – 85 kg
Fore Deck Height 10.5 in 26.6 cm
Aft Deck Height 9.0 in 22.9 cm

Design Statement

From the CNC Kayak web site:

The Shrike Too is a derivation of the original Shrike design. Developed by Christopher. It replaces the original higher foredeck with a lower profile deck, the keyhole cockpit was replaced with an ocean style cockpit and a hatch was added to the fore deck. The kayak was developed to fit two functions, the first was to act as a good Greenland rolling training kayak, and the second was to be a weekend tripping kayak. The deck-lines and cockpit style change harkens back to the original Disko Bay qajaq which had a near circular cockpit. The Ocean style of cockpit puts the paddler’s thighs under the masik and provides continuous contact points between the paddler and the kayak, which is very helpful when rolling. The disadvantage is obviously a reduction in the ease of entry and exit from the kayak. By reducing the foredeck height the tortured ply foredeck buckles closer to the cockpit, and this allows a far greater area of the foredeck to be flat than was possible in the original Shrike design. The extended flat area provides ample space to include a very usable foredeck hatch which makes the kayak more practical for loading and unloading camping gear etc. A simple future design variant will be to reduce the topside depth by two inches to create a very low aft deck and with it a superb rolling kayak. The Shrike Too maintains the original Shrike’s aft deck height (9″) to facilitate the carrying of equipment.

Stitch & Glue Kit: Plywood Components

This is a basic CNC-cut kit.  The hull panels, deck panels and coaming parts are professionally cut by Chesapeake Light Craft from 3mm BS 1088 okoume marine plywood.  The forms are cut from particleboard or MDF.  This kit includes only the plywood components including the adjustable skeg.  Any solid wood for the sheer clamp, masik and other deck beams, epoxy, fiberglass, hardware, foot braces, and so on are not included.  We encourage you to purchase those from local sources.

The kit has been optimized for the home builder and saves much of the labor and stress involved in cutting out the panels.  The design has been modified slightly:  The deck is still adjustable for different heights but has been modified so it is easier to assemble.  Precision puzzle joints aid scarfing the longer panels.  The coaming is now built using stacked plywood rings for strength and a quick build.

The kit is packed in CLC’s standard kayak shipping carton.  It’s pretty light so shipping is inexpensive.  We’ll contact you with a shipping quote once you’ve placed your order, and you’ll approve the shipping before you’re charged for the kit.

The build manual is produced by CNC Kayaks.  Modifications to the manual for the kit are by Clear Stream Custom Water Craft.   The build manual and modifications will be sent to you electronically.  They can be ordered for delivery at additional cost (the only cost is the cost of paper and shipping).

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